Fees and Rebates

Please contact us for further information on our fee structure. Limited bulk billing is available for individuals on a health care card.

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

You are able to access the services of Easy Access Psychology using your NDIS plan (if you are plan or self managed). To use your NDIS funds to access our psychology services you must agree to our terms and conditions. Key points to consider.

Payment of fees is the responsibility of the client – the client must arrange their own reimbursement of funds with plan manager after the psychological consultation is complete.

Better Access to Mental Health Care Plan

To obtain a Better Access to Mental Health Care Plan you will need to visit your GP. A Mental Health Care Plan allows 10 partially rebated individual therapy sessions (rebate of $87.45) per calendar year. A review from your GP is required after 6 session, this will then allow you to use the next 4 sessions.

Referrals from Paediatricians and psychiatrists will also allow for 10 sessions per calendar year with the same rebates as per the Better Access to Mental Health Plan.

If you have reached your Medicare threshold you will receive 85% of the gap fee that you have paid.

Helping Children with Autism (HCWA): Medicare Funded Items

To obtain a Helping Children with Autism Plan you will need to visit your paediatrician. The plan allows 20 allied health session until the age of 15 years old. For more information please visit this site:


Private Health

Please check with your private health provider if you have cover for psychology.

Cancellation policy

Our cancellation policy is important to know, because it will keep your costs down.

Please note, that we need to receive at least 2 business days notice of non-attendance, otherwise a fee will be charged.

Cancellations within 2 business days will be charged 50% of their fee. Clients who fail to attend will be charged the full session fee.

If you are an NDIS client then any cancellation within 2 business days of the appointment will be charged the full session fee (as per the NDIS guidelines).